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May 2014
May 07 2014 16:08
Hi, I'm interested in contributing, noticed a few usability issues with the release build, had a look at the alpha WPF build, so much better. Good job guys.
Gary Ewan Park
May 07 2014 18:41
Hello @jackkav, thank for dropping by! We would welcome any contributions that you would like to offer. Did you have anything specific in mind? Thanks!
May 07 2014 22:42
Well my first stumbling block was the alpha GUI wont let me install, because its a fresh install and running scripts is disabled. (PSSecurityException) Yet the release build works fine. Then there is plenty of scope for the WPF gallery, hover over descriptions, smoother search and pagination. Testing, bug fixes, anything else, I'm not bothered how I'm contributing just eager to help out. I haven't worked on anything open source yet, but I'm familiar with all of the tools you are using. Cheers.
*install packages