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Jan 2015
Gary Ewan Park
Jan 07 2015 20:36
@johnnyramos I have just pushed a fix this issue, which I documented here: chocolatey/ChocolateyGUI#204
It is currently building on AppVeyor just now, and once that is complete, a new package will be pushed to MyGet, where you will be able to update an update, to pull in the latest version
Please let me know if your issue is resolved, and I will close the Issue on Github
Thanks for getting in touch!
Johnny Ramos
Jan 07 2015 22:10

Ah no worries, I follow the repo on GitHub and have been making some modifications in order to possibly use it in-house. Chocolatey is an awesome product and as we expand opensource within the IT relm, it makes a great fit. I would contribute some changes, but am waiting for legal to sign off on allowing me to do so because of patents.

I appreciate the quick turn around as well!