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Mar 2015
Richard Simpson
Mar 04 2015 04:02
I started work on integrating choco into the GUI again, and I just ran into one of the same problems that I did a while back, namely that Lets.GetChocolatey() is barely better than calling the cmd line directly and offers no simple way to do "list", one of the most fundamental commands for our app.
Also ran into a side issue where chocolatey.lib depends on log4net 1.2.10 exactly, which conflicts with our version installed. Had to build and reference chocolatey.dll directly.
Richard Simpson
Mar 04 2015 06:30
Looks like my issue is being addressed in chocolatey/choco#137
Gary Ewan Park
Mar 04 2015 07:12
hey, yip, @jaykul has been running into similar issues when trying to implement the OneGet provider for Chocolatey, and it sounds like a solution has been worked out, just needs to be implemented :-)
you might want to hang out here:
for some of the conversation around what is being done