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May 2015
Bobby Martin
May 01 2015 03:11
hey guys, just installed chocolately for the first time. first thing i installed was chocolatelygui and when i open it, it just sits there waiting saying "Retrieving installed packages....", i left it for 40 minutes with no changes. Restart and it's still doing the same thing. advice?
Simon Cropp
May 01 2015 03:56
@nyxcharon not really an expert. but u could get the source and debug it
Gary Ewan Park
May 01 2015 07:22
@nyxcharon I have seen a couple reports of this problem. What OS are you running on? And what version of ChocolateyGUI are you using? Can you have a look at the suggestions here: To see if that helps? If it does, would you mind raising an issue here: