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Nov 2015
Nov 10 2015 06:07

@gep13 continuing our conversation :)

currently ChocolateyGUI allows you to search for packages online, and then perform a local installation of the package
You have not considered the possibility of forming a file with a list of available packages. followed by download it. and search offline? to speed up the search for the available packages?
monitoring, and gui for upload package
i think you right. segregate the tools, and limit their functionality to a couple specific things, rather than a single tool to rule them all.
monitoring chockoGui but in this case I think is unnecessary. and it is better to add it to the new software which will be used in the formation of the package and load the site.

what languages use for develop ChochoGUI and choco?
I want to try my hand :)

Gary Ewan Park
Nov 10 2015 06:42
@zersh01 both Chocolatey and ChocolateyGUI are written in C#