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Jun 2016
Manfred Wallner
Jun 13 2016 06:28
looks superb! is there a roadmap concerning release dates? / how long till the next stable release?
Patrik Svensson
Jun 13 2016 07:07
@RichiCoder1 Looks really good! Kudos!
Richard Simpson
Jun 13 2016 15:19
@mwallner I'll make sure I send out a blast once it looks like I'm coming down the finish line. I'd like to have a proper 0.14 release by the end of the month .
@patriksvensson Thanks :D
Rob Reynolds
Jun 13 2016 15:41
@RichiCoder1 just pushed the 0.9.10 RC candidate to NuGet
Barring any issues, this is the same code that will be marked 0.9.10 final
150 tickets closed
Richard Simpson
Jun 13 2016 15:43
@ferventcoder Nice!!! Great job