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Jul 2016
Jorge Durán
Jul 22 2016 15:59
Hi I'm working in a project that uses chocolatey.lib nuget package like ChocolateyGUI, but I don't find any documentation about how to use that library so I'm trying to follow the ChocolateyGUI code. However I don't get anything ...
Do you have some documentation, guide, manual or place where can I find how to use it?
I know that this problem isn't 100% chocolateyGUI related, but I think that you are the unique people that know how to use that lib.
Gary Ewan Park
Jul 22 2016 16:01
@ganchito55 no documentation that I am aware of know. Best bet would be to look at the source code of ChocolateyGUI and see how it is doing it
Jorge Durán
Jul 22 2016 16:02
Ok, I tried it however I have a problem in runtime so ChocolateyGUI crash and I can analyze the methods that you use for each functions :S
Jorge Durán
Jul 22 2016 16:14
Anyway thanks @gep13 I'm working with that code
The function that I will want to have and I'm trying to code is a GUI that connects with OneDrive, so for example I could export to OneDrive a file with the software that I have in my laptop, then I format my laptop and finally I install the GUI, import the file from OneDrive and It restores all software.
I think that it can be a great feature