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Nov 2016
Manfred Wallner
Nov 30 2016 16:37
@gep13 I know this sounds stupid, but would it be possible to make the next ChocoGui skip version 0.14.x? - I've been playing around with it a lot lately an just realized today that I've installed a (modifies) 0
0.14.1 version at a couple of colleges PC's (30+) :worried: - skipping 0.14.x would do me a great favor ...
What the.. can't fix typos in Gitter/Android??
@gep13 I'd suggest the Feature_Overhaul branch is 'big enough' to declare it's merge a reason to do a major version increase :smile:
Gary Ewan Park
Nov 30 2016 19:27
@mwallner I am sure that we can arrange something. Not sure when I am going to get to ChocolateyGUI, need to sort out a few other things first, but then I aim to tackle it and get a release out
Manfred Wallner
Nov 30 2016 19:28
@gep13 ++
:smile: :+1: