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Dec 2016
Richard Simpson
Dec 10 2016 04:48
@gep13 Any idea how we get a CLAHub check like in choco?
Richard Simpson
Dec 10 2016 05:24
@gep13 Also, I may need help with some packaging and build stuff. Thinking about taking CefSharp as a dependency since there are a few places (like our markdown readmes and release notes as well) that it just makes more sense to use an actual browser.
Dec 10 2016 06:06
I think a maintainer just needs to sign into the site and set up a CLA, pretty straightforward
Gary Ewan Park
Dec 10 2016 07:56
@RichiCoder1 we should be able to use the same one as used in Choco, need to speak with @ferventcoder about where we left this, as we were discussing it before.
@RichiCoder1 I would be ok with taking a dependency on that. Sure, I can help with the packaging and building. What do you need?
Richard Simpson
Dec 10 2016 08:01
@gep13 We already, incidentaly, have a CLAHub setup. I know, because it's signed when I log in.
We just need to wire it up.
And I'm still in the process of figuring out what I need haha
Richard Simpson
Dec 10 2016 08:39
Just in the process of justifying increasing the package size by an order of magnitude :P
Rob Reynolds
Dec 10 2016 14:46
For CLAHub, just need the added github hooks is all
It may be that I'm the only one that can do that. If so we should fix that
Richard Simpson
Dec 10 2016 14:47
You may be. I poked around CLAHub, but I could find any obvious way to hook things up