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Dec 2016
Manfred Wallner
Dec 22 2016 13:11
hey @RichiCoder1 the new GUI is amazing so far! - just one thing that could possibly be better: if a package install fails, maybe wait until the user get's chance to read/copy the log .. even a 'retry' button?
Richard Simpson
Dec 22 2016 16:04
@mwallner Gui should be better about letting the user actually read the failure log. Is it not? I'm lukewarm on a retry button though. I have to imagine that, in the grand majority of cases, just retrying won't fix the issues. Especially since Chocolatey has a lot of retry-on-failure built in. So that's not something I want to encorage.
One thing I do need to do, though, is implement cancel.
Richard Simpson
Dec 22 2016 17:10
@gep13 Random, but thoughts on switching to this: ?
I've seen at least three recomendations recently, and it would dovetail nicely w/ build work.
Gary Ewan Park
Dec 22 2016 17:27
@richicoder1 yip, I can add that into the Cake build branch. That is my default on projects now.