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Jan 2017
Jan 25 2017 16:13

Is there an official way to "force push" a package to the chocolatey server? I have the ability to manually delete the nupkg from the server (and that is what I do now). I know this won't happen often once I get all of the kinks worked out of the system.

choco push .\7-zip. -s""
Chocolatey v0.10.3 Business
Attempting to push 7-zip. to
There was an internal server error, which might mean the package already exists on a Simple OData Server.

The package does exist - but I made a change and I need to update it (same version, etc.). Lets assume I made a change to the underlying Powershell install script.

Gary Ewan Park
Jan 25 2017 16:31
I don't have any first hand experience using the simple odata server, but with packages are immutable (meaning they can't change) once pushed. So you would have to change the version number.
@ferventcoder can you confirm?
Rob Reynolds
Jan 25 2017 16:33
by default package versions are immutable
@Chris-Deluca you can just override that by copying over the top, and I would say once you are pushing to a production package repository, just follow the package fix version notation -
Jan 25 2017 17:22
is the package immutability something that Nuget was doing as well that Chocolatey adopted as best practice? I know Debian does a similar thing which is why their versions get insane with text and platform information as well
Jan 25 2017 20:25
@ferventcoder Ok - makes sense.
Rob Reynolds
Jan 25 2017 21:44
and it just makes sense
so when something is broken, it's broken everywhere