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Feb 2017
Manfred Wallner
Feb 02 2017 09:17
hey @RichiCoder1 - any chance we'll get chocolatey/ChocolateyGUI#386 in v0.15 ? :-)
Feb 02 2017 21:19
hi, got gui and choco installed, aim to now build a list in GUI to execute later but can't figure it out yet. how do i build a list to execute later or export aka select one, then the next etc.? if i double click on a package the only option i see is 'install' icon (which i dont want to do while in public cafe).
Gary Ewan Park
Feb 02 2017 21:20
@Wolf43830149_twitter can you confirm which version of ChocolateyGUI you are using?
make sure you have "This PC" selected, and then click the export button
this will create a packages.config file with all the packages that you currently have installed
and from there, you can use this packages.config file to re-install all the installed packages on anohter machine
Feb 02 2017 21:25
wow, i didn't think of that. probably the easiest most methodic pro way. install choco/gui on old machine, export/import into choco/gui on new. and i could strip out whatever i dont need. for the 5-6 apps i already installed on new unit, i presume it would just skip over those.
i suddenly dont feel the heavy dread of migration, cringe of new computer.
Gary Ewan Park
Feb 02 2017 21:28
@Wolf43830149_twitter sorry, I need to do a shoot, but I will try to remember to answer your questions tomorrow, if no one else gets to them
Feb 02 2017 21:38
@Wolf43830149_twitter you should also check out Boxstarter, it is great for sharing a Gist URL with somebody who wants to set up their computer like yours without you having to pass them a .config file