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Feb 2017
Gary Ewan Park
Feb 15 2017 07:38
@richicoder1 @mwallner while I remember.... If you are working on the docs, and want to preview the changes, run .\build.ps1 -target preview That will fire up wyam in preview and watch mode. I.e. It will "compile" the latest docs and spin up a port to look at them on. And if you make changes to the files it will recompile on the fly. At the minute, you will need to refresh the browser to see the changes though. Off the top of my head, I can't remember the port number that wyam uses (it tells you at the command line when you run the command above), but the important part is this http://localhost:<portnumber>/ChocolateyGUI you need the chocolateygui part at the end.
Manfred Wallner
Feb 15 2017 07:40