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May 2017
Richard Simpson
May 05 2017 09:27
@TechMinder At least currently, there's no easy way for us to detect this or to interact with the chocolatey console. So for now, no.
May 05 2017 16:21
I have an idea and it may work, but I don't know all the Chocolatey rules. So not sure if my idea is inline with chocolatey design or road map. So here is the idea, if we add a new attribute in nuspec e.g <additionalcommandline user="" password="">. Based on this number of attribute chocolatey UI shows text boxes along with install option. Then if user enters that value before clicking install we can set those value to env variables or some file that installer file(installer.ps1) will be looking into for these values.
@RichiCoder1 do you think it's viable idea?
Rob Reynolds
May 05 2017 16:24
@TechMinder it would best to discuss that more broadly than just related to the GUI - additional fields to the nuspec are heavily scrutinized and a much slower process to ratification and implementation, so keep that in mind.
There may be better ways.
keep in mind that Chocolatey is about completely silent installation, so perhaps a way to front load commands to pass package parameters and such to a command would be best if the GUI doesn't already support it
May 05 2017 16:26
@ferventcoder you are right, my main focus was on Chocolatey GUI. As it reads nuspecs for all the package details.
I know parsing and many other things may be happening under the hood.
My intention is to get the user inputs which can be passed to the install and uninstall commands/
Also, I am not sure if this is common requirement.
May 05 2017 16:32
I am open to contribute for GUI as I know this is written in .NET WPF and I am well verse with it.