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May 2017
Gary Ewan Park
May 23 2017 19:32
@RichiCoder1 totally agree that XAML styling is painful
not played with that package though, so can't speak to how good/bad it is
anything would be better that out of the box experience :D
Richard Simpson
May 23 2017 19:33
Haha, right? I'm going to pull it down and use it to fix a few style issues around GUI just to see if I like it. If it works, and works well, I think I'll pull it it.
AmmyUI looks cool and looks like it might solve the same problem, but it's way to big of change, to big of a dependency, and to young and unsopported for me to be comfortable.
Gary Ewan Park
May 23 2017 19:35
sounds like we are on the same page :+1: