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Jun 2017
Manfred Wallner
Jun 07 2017 17:09
I've discovered some really stupid inconsistencies in the german translation of the current develop-branch .. will fix tonight/tomorrow!
(I am allowed to call them "stupid" as I'm the author of them :D)
@RichiCoder1 - please wait for the upcoming PR before considering the 0.15 release
In addition to that, the ChocolateyGUI solution cannot be built when a global nuget library path is specified - copying the correc packages to source/packages fixed the problem temporarily - but I guess there are some relative include directives/paths somewhere pointing to ../packages/...
Richard Simpson
Jun 07 2017 17:17
@mwallner Yup yup. I think StyleCop, CEF, and another package depend on relative paths and targets.