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Jun 2017
Jun 19 2017 02:30
I have installed chocolateygui both from choco and using the pre release command. I have yet to find this gui:
Where can I Find that? Thanks!!
Rob Reynolds
Jun 19 2017 04:10
If you figure out what it is from, let is know
Manfred Wallner
Jun 19 2017 05:16
That post @charlesblevins_twitter is referring to is from 2013 ( - maybe that's the predecessor of the GUI by @chrissie1 ??
Rob Reynolds
Jun 19 2017 12:54
Not that I know of - the predecessor was not like that that I would remember
Richard Simpson
Jun 19 2017 15:54
Oh, that brings back memories. That's the original original ChocolateyGUI