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Aug 2017
Manfred Wallner
Aug 22 2017 05:59
hey @ferventcoder , @RichiCoder1 - I've been running into a interesting problem with the GUI lately: I've created a couple of "big meta-packages" at work defining certain "usage-groups" like "main-product-dev", "product-docu" etc, that have dependencies on lots of other packages. - some of them take relatively long to install (like vs2015 ^^) - to overcome a potential timeout (some of my coworkers are in remote locations with sub-optimal internet access) I'm setting the commandExecutionTimeoutSeconds during the install of those large packages. - this works, when running from CLI, but not from the GUI
uh, maybe I can provide a short form of the text above x_x
"The GUI doesn't adapt to config changes made in a chocolatey install script" -> probably a good title for a Issue ? :D
Rob Reynolds
Aug 22 2017 06:48
:+1: (without reboot)
Also consider 0, infinite timeout