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Sep 2017
Sep 01 2017 14:59

I have some usability concerns (using ChocolateyGUI
The base issue stems from having a few problem packages that I like installing from chocolatey but do not want to update at every opportunity.
this means:

  • i can't use "update all", that's a given
  • i can't ctrl+click to select all the packages i want, minus the ones i wish to exclude -- right clicking with multiple selected appears to only impact the clicked package chocolatey/ChocolateyGUI#424
  • i can't right-click a package and select to ignore its updates / move it to a separate view/list
  • i can't get around this bug chocolatey/ChocolateyGUI#462

from the GUI, this looks like:

  1. click "Show Only Packages with Updates"
  2. right-clicking a single package
  3. clicking "Update"
  4. untick "Show Only Packages with Updates"
  5. click "Refresh Packages"
  6. retick "Show Only Packages with Updates"
  7. repeat from 1, for N packages (sometimes up to 13!)
Gary Ewan Park
Sep 01 2017 15:01
@EntranceJew can I get you to try out the latest version of the ChocolateyGUI application? You can install this from the instructions on the project home page
we should use that as the basis for discussion, as quite a lot of things have changed
Sep 01 2017 15:09
@gep13 i ran cuninst chocolateygui and then choco install chocolateygui --source --pre and now when i launch it and select "Show Only Packages with Updates" it does not blank the screen. additionally i do not have any more packages to update, according to the old version. this happens in both elevated/non-elevated.
or maybe it had to finish the background process.
Sep 01 2017 17:33
on the prerelease I tried adding the source i mentioned previously to keep it up to date so i don't gotta have one or the other (or be asked to install the prerelease again) and i got a hard crash
and now it crashes on launch and flashes a dialog box i can't capture the contents of ffdT2Sq.gif