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Sep 2017
Manfred Wallner
Sep 15 2017 20:47
looking at #466 ! :-)
Manfred Wallner
Sep 15 2017 20:52
whoops, just got a hard crash while clicking on a not-resolvable feed in the GUI
@ferventcoder - I think this is related to #465/ #466 ?
The chocolatiest bot this side of the Mississippi
Sep 15 2017 20:54
Issue 465: Installdir argument not working chocolatey/choco#465
Manfred Wallner
Sep 15 2017 21:02
nvm all good, just set my VS to "paranoid" xD
I need to reimplement it but don't see how it was set
Gary Ewan Park
Sep 15 2017 21:58
I "think" I am right in saying that that is using this:
So not your standard container registration
but rather, a mechanism to instantiate it, as/when required