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Oct 2017
Rob Reynolds
Oct 04 2017 16:06
Are we ready to start talking about a release?
would like to get something out there for folks, then we can continue to incrementally improve from there
Richard Simpson
Oct 04 2017 17:27
@ferventcoder The issues with the licenced edition and the crashes that were reported were the only pressing blockers I was aware of, and both appear to have been resolved. I don't see why we can't mvoe forward in some form.
@gep13 Agree?
(For actual release issue discussion)
There's all the stuff in, but most all of it is cosmetic, and I'd be ok pushing to a "next" version. Especially if it means finally getting something out.
Rob Reynolds
Oct 04 2017 17:36
:+1: :clap: :sparkles: :fire:
Richard Simpson
Oct 04 2017 19:03
@/all I fixed the last few outstanding issues I marked as 0.15 and move the cosmetic ones to the future milestone. All that's left is a bug I need to verify, an issue @ferventcoder needs to verify, and purely release related issues.
Pascal Berger
Oct 04 2017 19:18
@RichiCoder1 :+1:
Gary Ewan Park
Oct 04 2017 20:06
@RichiCoder1 perfect. Hoping to get some time tomorrow, and if I can, I will complete the release procedure, and get this shipped :-D
Richard Simpson
Oct 04 2017 20:26