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Apr 2018
Jack Haden-Enneking
Apr 16 2018 02:06
Seem to have a crash bug on 0.16.0 (Choco 0.10.10, PS 5.1.17133.73) when trying to open detail page for the package “rufus.” Should I open an issue?
(choco info rufus works fine in (admin) PS)
Rob Reynolds
Apr 16 2018 02:36
I'd say it would not hurt to open an issue if you can repro successfully
include any log output you have from the GUI crash
Gary Ewan Park
Apr 16 2018 10:42
@ferventcoder @jacktose yes, if you can open an issue, with full steps to reproduce, this will certainly help, thanks.
Jack Haden-Enneking
Apr 16 2018 15:46
Done, thank you!