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Jan 2019
Rob Reynolds
Jan 05 02:17
Hello @Drunkenpanda2000!
  • "integration of on location packages" - just add your on location sources
  • "a way to hide non on location packages" - remove those sources
  • "some sort of admin panel to organise packages" - sounds interesting, you can sort of do this now by grouping packages into repositories by job function. Then you may only want to set those sources on the machines that carry that job function
  • "replace install with request package" - not sure I fully follow here, can you expand?
  • "panel for app approvers to approve apps" - something we've thought about for commercial editions of choco, although maybe more for a gui at a repository
  • "integration with AD users and groups" - we integrate currently with Administrators vs non-Administrators. Curious what you would see here
  • color changes - not sure what you mean but @gep13 could possibly take that aspect under review
The chocolatiest bot this side of the Mississippi
Jan 05 02:17
Well hello there, Rob Reynolds (ferventcoder)
Kim J. Nordmo
Jan 05 03:23
:point_up: January 3, 2019 10:04 PM
@gep13 just had a read-through of the localization-howto, sounds good to me. I don't have anything to add for it
Gary Ewan Park
Jan 05 07:58
@AdmiringWorm thank you!
@ferventcoder there will likely be some changes to the colour scheme as a result of the work going into community site.