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Jan 2019
Jan 18 12:49
Looks like is not up to date? it talks about the mailing list which seems to be inactive, 5 threads total, no new messages since 2017
Gary Ewan Park
Jan 18 13:19
@AlexP11223 that mailing list is still valid and monitored, it is just that no-one has asked any questions :-)
Jan 18 18:00
Yeah, actually I was wondering if there are already suggestions/pull requests for some small features that I miss (such as link to the package on to read comments etc. or ability to open log file after installation, or export of the installed apps list without versions), and if not, then maybe I can contribute that later :)
Kim J. Nordmo
Jan 18 18:02
@AlexP11223 no pull requests it seems. But before you start on a pr for it, please make sure there is already an issue available for the feature you wish to work on (if there is, make sure to comment that you wish to work on it)