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Mar 2019
Manfred Wallner
Mar 11 21:18
@gep13 concerning your current stream on twitch .. any progress on chocolatey/ChocolateyGUI#545 ? :-D
Gary Ewan Park
Mar 11 22:15
No, nothing happened with that one yet
You are welcome to take a stab if you want :-P
@mwallner ^^
Manfred Wallner
Mar 11 22:16
maybe.. any ideas on how to figure if IF a package takes arguments?
or should this always be an option ...?
concerning the UI part I'd certainly ask @punker76 or @RichiCoder1 on how they'd implement a fancy-looking input dialog on top of choco gui :-)
Kim J. Nordmo
Mar 11 22:24
@mwallner you would probably need to parse the package contents directly.
Like checking if it uses 'Get-PackageParameters', or if it makes use of env:chocolateyPackageParameters, or parse the description to see if parameters is mentioned there.
Gary Ewan Park
Mar 11 22:27
As a first pass, just to get things working, and start to test things out, you could make the option available on all packages, and then we could look to make it "smarter"