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Jan 2016
Joseph Musser
Jan 18 2016 17:33 UTC
chocobot karma worst
Rob Reynolds
Jan 18 2016 17:39 UTC
@gep13 what do we normally do? Reload the bot?
chocobot status
chocobot help
The chocolatiest bot this side of the Mississippi
Jan 18 2016 17:39 UTC

nnn - link to GitHub issue nnn for chocobot_GITHUB_REPO project

Good Morning makes chocobot say good morning to you back
Hello or Good Day make chocobot say hello to you back
applause|applaud|bravo|slow clap - Get applause
botsnack - give the bot a food
chocobot adapter - Reply with the adapter
chocobot animate me <query> - The same thing as image me, except adds a few parameters to try to return an animated GIF instead.
chocobot ascii me <text> - Show text in ascii art
chocobot card 2 - Displays two answers for questions with two blanks
chocobot card me - Displays an answer
chocobot chuck norris -- random Chuck Norris awesomeness
chocobot chuck norris me <user> -- let's see how <user> would do as Chuck Norris
chocobot echo <text> - Reply back with <text>
chocobot fitbit approve - Approve all pending requests
chocobot fitbit leaders - Show table of leaders
chocobot fitbit register - Show how to friend the bot
chocobot flip - chocobot flips a table
chocobot github search [repo] <query> - Search for <query> in [repo] or anywhere
chocobot hangout me <title> - Creates a Hangout with the given title and returns the URL.
chocobot help - Displays all of the help commands that chocobot knows about.
chocobot help <query> - Displays all help commands that match <query>.
chocobot image me <query> - The Original. Queries Google Images for <query> and returns a random top result.
chocobot map me <query> - Returns a map view of the area returned by query.
chocobot mart me - Show random Walmart image
chocobot mustache me <query> - Searches Google Images for the specified query and mustaches it.
chocobot mustache me <url> - Adds a mustache to the specified URL.
chocobot ping - Reply with pong
chocobot q card - Returns a question
chocobot roll (die|one) - Roll one six-sided dice
chocobot roll <x>d<y> - roll x dice, each of which has y sides
chocobot roll dice - Roll two six-sided dice
chocobot simpsons image me - displays a random image from
chocobot simpsons quote me - displays a random quote from the simpsons
chocobot tell <recipients> <some message> - tell <recipients> <some message> next time they are present.
chocobot the rules - Make sure chocobot still knows the rules.
chocobot time - Reply with current time
chocobot translate me <phrase> - Searches for a translation for the <phrase> and then prints that bad boy out.
chocobot translate me from <source> into <target> <phrase> - Translates <phrase> from <source> into <target>. Both <source> and <target> are optional
chocobot travis me <user>/<repo> - Returns the build status of<user>/<repo>
chocobot twitter <command> <query> - Search Twitter for a query
chocobot uptime - Outputs bot uptime
chocobot walmart me - Show random Walmart image
chocobot xkcd <num> - XKCD comic <num>
chocobot xkcd [latest]- The latest XKCD comic
chocobot xkcd random - XKCD comic <num>
chocobot youtube me <query> - Searches YouTube for the query and returns the video embed link.
dance - Display a dancing Carlton
deal with it - display a "deal with it" gif
disassemble - NO DISASSEMBLE
haters - Returns a random haters gonna hate url
knowing is half the battle - display "The Battle" image
repo#nnn - link to GitHub issue nnn for repo project
rimshot - Link to a short video of a rimshot
sarcastic applause|clap - Get sarcastic applause
saying yolo triggers an image of only living once.
ship it - Display a motivation squirrel
user/repo#nnn - link to GitHub issue nnn for user/repo project
Rob Reynolds
Jan 18 2016 17:40 UTC
chocobot uptime
The chocolatiest bot this side of the Mississippi
Jan 18 2016 17:40 UTC
I've been sentient for 2 hours, 20 minutes and 2 seconds
Gary Ewan Park
Jan 18 2016 19:14 UTC
@ferventcoder yes, normally you have to kick the heroku instance. If we actually set up chocobot the way that he is meant to be set up, i.e. he sleeps at night, this problem actually goes away. I think I did mention it to you, asking what time you wanted him to sleep, but not sure if I got an answer about that :-D
Rob Reynolds
Jan 18 2016 21:04 UTC
Gary Ewan Park
Jan 18 2016 22:05 UTC
@ferventcoder ok, I will get that sorted out then