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Feb 2016
Gary Ewan Park
Feb 04 2016 05:48
@jnm2 on heroku
Gary Ewan Park
Feb 04 2016 07:16
@jnm2 argh! The dynos were sleeping again this morning when I got into work. Even though, from what I can see, they are configured in exactly the same way as other ones that are working correctly. I have raised a support request with Heroku in order to try to understand what is going on.
Joseph Musser
Feb 04 2016 13:27
Could just host it on a spare box somewhere?
Gary Ewan Park
Feb 04 2016 14:11
@jnm2 we essentially have that in the hubot instance that we are using. It is a specified time to go to sleep and to wake up, in order to fit into the 18 hours of free time that we get from heroku on the free plan
I have this running on 2 other heroku dynos with no issues
but the chocobot gitter is giving me problems
hosting on another machine is definitely an option, but there is a lot to be said for the simplicity of hosting on heroku