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Dec 2016
Dec 09 2016 21:09
@ferventcoder have you guys setup a URL shortening service yet? :P
shucks, will have to see if the Gitter folks will do the tweak for resolving links because it is restricted to only GitHub domains by a pre-shortening validation anyways
Rob Reynolds
Dec 09 2016 21:40
no but it sounds cool
Gary Ewan Park
Dec 09 2016 21:43
I have using One for would be good though
Dec 09 2016 22:04
apparently somebody has already, but it doesn't load for me at work
I finally tracked down the post I'd seen about creating custom URLs for, apparently works only for GitHub links, but I've played with it for gists and repositories, probably works for issues but those are usually fairly easy to parse anyways, unless it's a longstanding open issue, but then you remember the number too :)
nope, doesn't like raw at all
back to the drawing bot