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Feb 2015
Joel Bennett
Feb 28 2015 05:11
You can set up slack for any team for free
You have to invite people via email
But there is a small but growing number of "community" slack sites that have set up inviter sites like that one on
so you can get an automatic email invite
The PowerShell slack is, of course, open to anyone who doesn't abuse it
Joel Bennett
Feb 28 2015 07:07
{System.InvalidOperationException: The ConstructorResolutionBehavior property cannot be changed after the first registration has been made to the container.
at SimpleInjector.ContainerOptions.ThrowWhenContainerHasRegistrations(String propertyName)
at chocolatey.infrastructure.registration.SimpleInjectorContainer.initialize()
at chocolatey.Lets.GetChocolatey()
at OneGet.ChocolateyPackageProvider.ResolvePackageSources(Request request) in c:\Users\Joel\Projects\ChocolateyOneGet\ChocolateyPackageProvider.cs:line 186
at IPackageProvider_proxy_4.ResolvePackageSources(IRequest )}
Any idea what that's about?
I'm trying to call....
            Lets.GetChocolatey().Set(conf =>
                conf.CommandName = "Source";
                conf.SourceCommand.Command = SourceCommandType.list;
Joel Bennett
Feb 28 2015 07:14
Bah, it doesn't even matter.
Just calling Lets.GetChocolatey() for the first time causes a NullReferenceException
System.NullReferenceException was unhandled by user code
  Message=Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
       at chocolatey.infrastructure.commandline.OptionSet.Parse(IEnumerable`1 arguments)
       at`1 args, ChocolateyConfiguration configuration, Action`1 setOptions, Action`1 afterParse, Action validateConfiguration, Action helpMessage)
       at`1 args, ChocolateyConfiguration config)
       at`1 args, ChocolateyConfiguration config, IFileSystem fileSystem, IXmlService xmlService, Action`1 notifyWarnLoggingAction)
       at chocolatey.GetChocolatey.set_defaults()
       at chocolatey.GetChocolatey..ctor()
       at chocolatey.Lets.GetChocolatey()
       at OneGet.ChocolateyPackageProvider.InitializeProvider(Request request) in c:\Users\Joel\Projects\ChocolateyOneGet\ChocolateyPackageProvider.cs:line 98
       at IPackageProvider_proxy_2.InitializeProvider(IRequest )
Joel Bennett
Feb 28 2015 07:32
OK, I dug further, see that's fixed in source
Joel Bennett
Feb 28 2015 08:07
@ferventcoder so ... there's no output from anything except to the logger? There's no way to actually GET anything from the API?
I mean, say I want to run that command up above, I have two major problems:
1) I don't get to see what the sources are
2) It warns about "unofficial build"
I assume that I just need to use the nuget package to avoid #2
The chocolatiest bot this side of the Mississippi
Feb 28 2015 08:11
Issue 2: Support switching shims between multiple installed versions chocolatey/choco#2
Joel Bennett
Feb 28 2015 08:11
But literally the only thing I can do about 1 is ... to parse text
That's just ...
Not an API
I mean I might as well be calling the commandline
I think I can fix it for THIS command by just looking at the .Sources property
Joel Bennett
Feb 28 2015 08:21
Nope, can't access it
Rob Reynolds
Feb 28 2015 14:11
@mwrock Just fixed this
@Jaykul ^^
chocolatey/choco#130 contains the fix
for above with warning on unofficial build, yep, that would be where you would do that.
I think we’ll want to expose packageResults back up through the API