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Mar 2015
Joel Bennett
Mar 16 2015 03:53
Hey, ok. Finally found time to get back to this
So ... how do I specify where Chocolatey puts it's lib folder?
I mean, right now, when I use the chocolatey.dll it creates a "lib" folder to download into ...
any way of getting it to not use the folder it's in as the root for that?
Joel Bennett
Mar 16 2015 04:03
ah. Env:ChocolateyInstall is being ignored because I'm in debug mode
no problem.
Rob Reynolds
Mar 16 2015 22:56
you got it - debug means right next to dll/exe - Release mode means work on the machine
Joel Bennett
Mar 16 2015 22:57
I think it's a little odd not to be able to set it via an API, but it's no big deal