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Feb 2016
Will 保哥
Feb 17 2016 12:00
I was trying to install some packages such as notepad2 or notepadplusplus using chocolatey provider. It looks like package has been downloaded but not installed. I can see package shown in the Get-Package command, but I can't see any package been installed. Does anyone could help?
Rob Reynolds
Feb 17 2016 13:36
@doggy8088 scroll up
You prolly could also make sure your powershell execution policy is set appropriately. I'd recommend the official client choco until we announce the provider is ready
Feb 17 2016 13:49

@doggy8088 - I have seen this as well. Though I was retesting exactly that this morning and got success on both Win 10 and Server 2008 R2 with WMF 5. In the previous testing where I had this happen it was also very clean, newly loaded machines that exhibited the problem - and I saw other posts from people who had the problem. I can't put my finger on why it happens. My only suspicion is that if you answer "y" to prompts when first using the WMF package provider, that it is setup slightly differently than forcing the setup with automation. Here are the commands to force it - would love feedback if a fresh VM reset and running these first, results in a working setup. My test package was ConEMU for both failure and success:
Get-packageprovider –name chocolatey -forcebootstrap
Register-packagesource -name chocolatey -location -providername Chocolatey -trusted -force
Set-executionpolicy remotesigned -force

Hmmmm - on my success attempts I never let nuget provider get installed - always used "install-package conemu -provider chocolatey" - so it never searches powershellgallery and it's never installed nuget as a provider.

Feb 17 2016 18:30
@doggy8088 - forgot to mention that when I've had the same symptoms as you, also installing chocolatey from got it working :)
@doggy8088 - that is it got the powershell 5 provider working - of course at that point why not use chocolatey directly right?