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Jul 2016
Jul 26 2016 04:22
hey uh, I just downloaded windows 10 into a VM and i wanted to install chromium and synergy on my system and have them auto update
but when i type "install-package -name chromium"
it just runs and doesn't output anything
and there's nothing in %appdata% or program files
Rob Reynolds
Jul 26 2016 04:30
howdy - you are using a prototype and not an official provider. We suggest you stick to an official provider like choco.exe or ChocolateyGUI until we announce the official provider in the newsletter
Official client like choco.exe
Jul 26 2016 04:52
i'll install choco then.
excited for when an official provider comes out tho! :)
Jul 26 2016 16:11
@maxellnormalbias you might also check out, it uses Chocolatey but adds a bit more sugar