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Jun 2017
Jun 08 2017 13:16
Just wanted to document an interesing situation I had when building from source using Win10, VS17 Community, and Windows ADK pre-installed if anyone else has this. Line 222 seems to be an extra unnecessary #endregion which doesn't pair with anything. Commented it out. Also, the Path HKCU:\Software\PackageManagement\Tools\MT.EXE for my system was pointing towards arm64 not x64...and the build script looks at the reg key to find the path to the compiler...or library..or something. So that definitely didn't work. Possibly because I had done some Xamarine stuff before. So I had to change that and then the build succeeded.
Rob Reynolds
Jun 08 2017 13:39
@Geogboe what we last decided on - look at and move most everything to that, then add the choco bits back on top of that
It has all the good nuget stuff, just needs the choco enhanced bits to it and then the additional choco functionality
Jun 08 2017 16:15
@ferventcoder Awesome, thanks!