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Aug 2017
Kiran Hegde
Aug 04 2017 12:33
@ferventcoder I am currently looking at the documentation on writing a provider: . Would this serve as a starting point to start contributing on the OneGet Provider for Chocolatey? Also, what are the pending tasks? Is there a list somewhere of the breakdown of tasks? I looked at chocolatey/chocolatey-oneget#5 and did not find any breakdown of tasks. I did love to start with something simple and then move on to bigger things since i am not an expert on C# yet. if you could or someone else could provide me some direction, i did love to get started with this.
Rob Reynolds
Aug 04 2017 13:32
I'm not hugely familiar with oneget. The choco provider will likely need to be a c# provider - there is already a provider called Chocolatey-Get that I believe may be a good starting reference for you.
Kiran Hegde
Aug 04 2017 13:52
@ferventcoder Thanks