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Sagar Singh
never mind, just saw the issues
Peter Piekarczyk
Hi everyone. Between client/server routes where am I storing what?
It looks like some routes are on the client and server and some routes are only on the client, etc.
Ken Ding
Hey guys sorry for the late response. Have been up in Sydney for a holiday. Ill get back to the issues created as soon as i get the chance
@katiepeters shouldnt be a problem for postcss. Let me know if you need some help :)
@Faolain thanks! Sorry for thr late response. I saw you submitted a PR and will review it
@ppiekarczyk routes.jsx should be shared by both server and client.
Sagar Gugwad
Hi Everyone, I have setup the project using react-webpack-node. Now I tried including external react component ```import Geosuggest from 'react-geosuggest';
Hi Everyone I have setup the project using react-webpack-node. Now I tried including external react component react-geosuggest. I have included this in Dashboardcomponent with the following code

import React from 'react';
import Geosuggest from 'react-geosuggest';

export default class Dashboard extends React.Component {
render() {
return (



I have included the google places api in base.html
but when I try to run the application error thrown as google is not defined.
I would like to know how to include external component to the project
Ben Harris
@choonkending Awesome work. For any future Windows readers, if you have problems with the node startup commands, edit the package.json "scripts":{"start", "dev", "devHotLoader"} with something like "set Node_ENV=production&& node server\\index.js". Don't put a space after production, and escape the backslash for windows paths. The webpack scripts appear to work just fine.
Ken Ding
@bdharris08 Thanks!
Karan Kotwal
Anyone get devHotLoader working, opening up localhost:3000 returns renderToString(): You must pass a valid ReactElement. as the error, updated peerdependencies (thought that was the problem still didnt work)
I do some job, from mongoose(use mongo) to bookshelfjs(use postgresql)
And In Redux, I use decorator(ES7) ,maybe somebody can reference.
Ken Ding
@motephyr Interesting!
@/all Is everyone happy with using gitter, or do people prefer chatting on Dischord (together with the other reactiflux peeps)
Zach Sosana
@choonkending I was curious how you tested #125?
Hi ;)
Chris Lewis
hey everyone
Ive got a big project Im rewriting in react-redux-mongo from angular 1.x and parse. thanks for the starter. any requirements for PRs?
I am trying to run npm install and getting the following error "Error in ./client.jsx Module build failed: TypeError: Cannot read config file from (lists files in node_modules) Error: path must be a string. Referenced from: eslint-config-airbnb"
Ken Ding
@SOSANA Sorry for the late reply, I tested it manually tbh (guilty as charged). I 'm working to give more test coverage in the future
@hetii Hi!
@chrislewispac Just good code :) Would be awesome if they had tests along with it, but feel free to create any PRs so we could have a look and discuss
Jonathan Kupcho
I see the README states MIT, but could you upload the actual LICENSE file to make it legit?
Ken Ding
@jkupcho Sorry about that, was away on a holiday
Will do now
Hey there! First of all, thanks for all the effort and time you put in this project. I am currently trying to implement some redux-saga functionality from their example project but there is one thing I don't fully understand. What is the reason for using both .js and .jsx extensions? Is there any functional reason?
Ken Ding
@dervos Sorry for the late reply. We initially started off with jsx extensions mainly to distinguish between files that used jsx for React, that was the norm about 1 year ago. I don t see any cons in using js for everything though, and might consider just using js for every file.
let me know how it goes with redux-saga!
Also is there anyone in Melbourne (just curious)
Tiago D Oliveira Marques dos Santos
Hi everyone
Awesome repo !
i'm using in prod
Now i'm trying to do facebook login
and get some problems
about params getting lost on request var
req.user is differente on client/server
any help ?
Tiago D Oliveira Marques dos Santos
@choonkending ??
Ken Ding
@Tiago-Marques Sorry about that, is it related to this choonkending/react-webpack-node#184
Feel free to comment on the PRs and issues. I normally check the issues and PRs more freqneutly than this channel :)
Hello @choonkending first of all i like to thank you for proving awesome project which will help in learning lot of stuff
i have one doubt
i want to use rollbar with express