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Ken Ding
@katiepeters shouldnt be a problem for postcss. Let me know if you need some help :)
@Faolain thanks! Sorry for thr late response. I saw you submitted a PR and will review it
@ppiekarczyk routes.jsx should be shared by both server and client.
Sagar Gugwad
Hi Everyone, I have setup the project using react-webpack-node. Now I tried including external react component ```import Geosuggest from 'react-geosuggest';
Hi Everyone I have setup the project using react-webpack-node. Now I tried including external react component react-geosuggest. I have included this in Dashboardcomponent with the following code

import React from 'react';
import Geosuggest from 'react-geosuggest';

export default class Dashboard extends React.Component {
render() {
return (



I have included the google places api in base.html
but when I try to run the application error thrown as google is not defined.
I would like to know how to include external component to the project
Ben Harris
@choonkending Awesome work. For any future Windows readers, if you have problems with the node startup commands, edit the package.json "scripts":{"start", "dev", "devHotLoader"} with something like "set Node_ENV=production&& node server\\index.js". Don't put a space after production, and escape the backslash for windows paths. The webpack scripts appear to work just fine.
Ken Ding
@bdharris08 Thanks!
Karan Kotwal
Anyone get devHotLoader working, opening up localhost:3000 returns renderToString(): You must pass a valid ReactElement. as the error, updated peerdependencies (thought that was the problem still didnt work)
I do some job, from mongoose(use mongo) to bookshelfjs(use postgresql)
And In Redux, I use decorator(ES7) ,maybe somebody can reference.
Ken Ding
@motephyr Interesting!
@/all Is everyone happy with using gitter, or do people prefer chatting on Dischord (together with the other reactiflux peeps)
Zach Sosana
@choonkending I was curious how you tested #125?
Hi ;)
Chris Lewis
hey everyone
Ive got a big project Im rewriting in react-redux-mongo from angular 1.x and parse. thanks for the starter. any requirements for PRs?
I am trying to run npm install and getting the following error "Error in ./client.jsx Module build failed: TypeError: Cannot read config file from (lists files in node_modules) Error: path must be a string. Referenced from: eslint-config-airbnb"
Ken Ding
@SOSANA Sorry for the late reply, I tested it manually tbh (guilty as charged). I 'm working to give more test coverage in the future
@hetii Hi!
@chrislewispac Just good code :) Would be awesome if they had tests along with it, but feel free to create any PRs so we could have a look and discuss
Jonathan Kupcho
I see the README states MIT, but could you upload the actual LICENSE file to make it legit?
Ken Ding
@jkupcho Sorry about that, was away on a holiday
Will do now
Hey there! First of all, thanks for all the effort and time you put in this project. I am currently trying to implement some redux-saga functionality from their example project but there is one thing I don't fully understand. What is the reason for using both .js and .jsx extensions? Is there any functional reason?
Ken Ding
@dervos Sorry for the late reply. We initially started off with jsx extensions mainly to distinguish between files that used jsx for React, that was the norm about 1 year ago. I don t see any cons in using js for everything though, and might consider just using js for every file.
let me know how it goes with redux-saga!
Also is there anyone in Melbourne (just curious)
Tiago D Oliveira Marques dos Santos
Hi everyone
Awesome repo !
i'm using in prod
Now i'm trying to do facebook login
and get some problems
about params getting lost on request var
req.user is differente on client/server
any help ?
Tiago D Oliveira Marques dos Santos
@choonkending ??
Ken Ding
@Tiago-Marques Sorry about that, is it related to this choonkending/react-webpack-node#184
Feel free to comment on the PRs and issues. I normally check the issues and PRs more freqneutly than this channel :)
Hello @choonkending first of all i like to thank you for proving awesome project which will help in learning lot of stuff
i have one doubt
i want to use rollbar with express
do you have some idea where should i put this line from above url i try to put in index.js of server but doesnt work
@choonkending So we can access response from database on this url path. https://react-webpack-node.herokuapp.com/topic .. can it possible to block it or make it unaccessible?
i am getting req.user undefined on topic controller. as i want to fetch topics related to particular user only. any idea how to achieve it?