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Feb 2015
Mikael Håkansson
Feb 12 2015 10:27
Hi there
Further more, I get the same exception using the V8 console sample as-is. I did follow your instructions and copied the libV8_Net_Proxy.dylib to the debug foler
Mikaels-MacBook-Air:Debug citronc2$ ls
V8.Net-Console.exe V8.Net.SharedTypes.dll
V8.Net-Console.exe.config V8.Net.SharedTypes.dll.mdb
V8.Net-Console.exe.mdb V8.Net.dll
V8.Net.Proxy.Interface.dll V8.Net.dll.mdb
V8.Net.Proxy.Interface.dll.mdb libV8_Net_Proxy.dylib
Mikael Håkansson
Feb 12 2015 10:33
Thanks for all the work you're doing, and I hope I can help. I'm living in Australia, so we're likely not in the same timezone... But I'm happy to test again tomorrow...good night
Christian Karl Bernasko
Feb 12 2015 14:48
can you please repeat the steps from this file and check if you are also get the exception at RegisterNamedPropertyHandlers?
Mikael Håkansson
Feb 12 2015 20:11
I have no idea what you asked me to do, but it seams to work..
How is this different from just >mono V8.Net-Console.exe?