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Repo info
    Robert Mennell
    @gnguyo if you include the apikey model, you can use $this->apiKey->user to retrieve the related user model
    Robert Mennell
    @chrisbjr Love your apiKey class, and I had one quick question about deauthentication. Is there a way I could set an apiKey to something that when it was accessed with this special key, it just returns an error so I don't delete the apiKey entry, but instead just have to generate a new one for them upon login? Or am I over thinking it and I should just set it to a string that I look for specifically to disallow access if the key is such?
    or can I do this with soft deletes?
    Karmendra Suthar
    @chrisbjr Really useful library. I have been working on it for long now. Definitely there is no option to generate a key and store against a user when a new user is created. But in my Controller I built a little function to do so, and it works like a charm. Thanks.
    Karmendra Suthar
    Another thing is, to make sure the apikey that is used, is for the user_id it is generated for, user_id is a required post field. I made it work by modifying ApiGuardController's before filter with somthing very similar to keyAuthentication piece of code. The problem is it is in ApiGuardController, I wan it to be in a place where even if I update the api-guard package, my changes are not overwritten. I thought I will create my own ApiGuardController extending Chrisbjr\ApiGuard\Http\ControllersApiGuardController and override the big constructor where most of the code is copy, but as a second thought can I somehow place this in a filter (I am yet to learn about beforeFilter and afterFilter). What should I do extend ApiGuardController or explore Filters? Any help appreciated.
    While installing the api-guard i got the above errors
    Karmendra Suthar
    you are trying to install api-gaurd v0.1 on laravel 5 or above, I believe, thus the error. if you are using Larvel 5+ in your compoer use version 2.0+ of apigaurd "chrisbjr/api-guard": "~2.0",
    thank you Karmendra, that worked.
    Can i customize the error response sent by the api-guard ?
    Stephan Galea
    hi all
    Hey, as asked here before will a lumen version be available ? At the moment I'm building some APIs and it would be great to use the api-guard with lumen
    David D.
    Hi, I just upgraded to L5.2 and pulled the latest apiguard from dev-master. I'm getting this error: Class apiguard does not exist. Anyone else getting this?
    Sergei Lemnev
    @ddimaria +1 dev-master NOT worked with L5.2 and "stable" 3.0.3 not worked :(
    Sergei Lemnev
    For 3.0.3 I add field protected $apiMethods = []; in all controllers extended ApiGuardController and now all working with laravel 5.2

    Hello there,
    My application is build with laravel 5.0.33,
    I did 'composer require chrisbjr/api-guard' and it install with dependencies,

    When I add 'Chrisbjr\ApiGuard\Providers\ApiGuardServiceProvider::class,' to service provider it throws below exception,

    unknown service provider Chrisbjr\ApiGuard\Providers\ApiGuardServiceProvider::class.

    Astrit Zeqiri

    When i make a request to my contoller:
    i get this:

    Argument 1 passed to Chrisbjr\ApiGuard\ApiGuardAuth::__construct() must be an instance of Chrisbjr\ApiGuard\Contracts\Providers\Auth, null given, called in E:\xampp\xampp\htdocs\2016\api\vendor\chrisbjr\api-guard\src\Providers\ApiGuardServiceProvider.php on line 49 and defined

    P.S. I am using laravel 5.2

    Robert Mennell
    This message was deleted
    Petyo Tsonev
    Hello :) You can use petyots/api-guard repo it supports Laravel 5.3.x
    Keannu Zeigfeld
    Hello, How do you make a request with the api key?
    The documentation says curl --header "X-Authorization: 2ed9d72e5596800bf805ca1c735e446df72019ef" http://localhost:8000/api/v1/books
    but i want to access it like locahost/api/{api_key}/books
    Petyo Tsonev
    Then make a middleware
    or group the routes with this segment
    Chris Bautista
    Hi all - v4.0.0 has been tagged - this is a complete rewrite and will only work with Laravel 5.3 and 5.4. Thanks
    Hi there
    the readme tells about an api_logs table, but i cant find it anywhere in the code / also not in other branches
    also i was wondering how you can submit multiple object in the same request. validator does not seem to like it when i submit more then 1
    @chrisbjr still active here?
    Muhammad Junaid Nasir
    ^^ I don't think so. it was incompatible with laravel 5.5, I have submitted a PR. but to continue with my project I will be pushing it to packigst
    hello all
    i installed the the package but when i trying to migrate it tells that nothing to migrate
    i did all the steps even the publish, it is on laravel 5.4

    Are the generated API keys unique? Is there likely to be a situation where users share the same API key?

    I am just from running the database migration and have noticed that there is no unique constraint for the field api_key in api_keys table. Can anyone clarify