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Apr 2017
Christopher Read
Apr 13 2017 07:32
@drub0y so my main thoughts are as follows: Obvs was primarily designed with pub/sub in mind, rather than queues, as a servicebus for many small microservices to communicate across. The idea being many consumers/subscribers would receive potentially many copies of an event message. For this, IObservable is a good abstraction. I agree that IObservable is not a good abstraction for queue processing and competing consumers, but for me this isn't a fundamental design objective of the library.
I'm not sure how pub/sub would work with IAsyncEnumerable since you want all consumers to receive a copy of the message. You could perhaps trying wrapping an IAsyncEnumerable in an IObservable, but you'd need to be strict about which interface you expose as I don't think you could mix n match them on top of the same underlying message source/queue/topic