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Nov 2015
Clément Charmet
Nov 05 2015 10:16
hey sorry I'm not too much into gitter :S
anyway, I'm not too sure about conventions like @:npm_version
I would like to see it implemented to see if it's viable in practice
Also, I'm starting to somehow "doubt" about the workflow of rewriting package.json;
I'm in the process of writing an haxe NPM package (
and I can't yet figure out how NPM and haxelib should work together
anyway I guess I'm not too comfortable with rewriting package.json, I don't know
Clément Charmet
Nov 05 2015 10:22
in any case, I guess a good idea would be to split the NPM / dependency management into another repo / lib
so it can be used as a dependency by all projects
then I guess we could implement both "ways" of "tagging" NPM dependencies in externs, so authors have choice
then it's only a matter of not (over|re)writing each other's extern
maybe -remap could help here, I don't know (so you can switch between different externs with same names)
I must say I'm not too much into nodejs any more these days, but still into Haxe/JS more generally
Clément Charmet
Nov 05 2015 10:27
also, still waiting for hxnodejs to be released so I can clean-up my repo a bit