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Oct 2014
Oct 06 2014 01:30
ah much better
does someone want to work on the board
i'm not really sure how to do this in unity
Žygimantas Stražnickas
Oct 06 2014 01:33
you just drag prefabs to the screen to create instances of them
and build a map piece by piece
(unless you want to generate stuff randomly. But we probably don’t need that yet.)
Oct 06 2014 01:40
yeah i'm going to do that
Oct 06 2014 07:10
sorry guys I haven't been feeling well this weekend and might not be able to make it to class tomorrow depending on how I feel
I think the most useful I can make myself is to work on the upgrade visuals and sound effects for future builds
I'm not a sprite artist so I'll do my best to make art that matches the current visual scheme but it won't be pixel art
Oct 06 2014 08:45
all good, we should meet to discuss art
most of the textures work but the village and farm textures are odd and i want to swap them out
Cathleen Gendron
Oct 06 2014 18:29
Integrated with our Github repo