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Oct 2014
Oct 14 2014 05:19
i just pushed a merge (my bad, shouldnt have had to merge), but now champions aren't going to the lair
Oct 14 2014 09:42
i finished integrating food and infamy, and i think the mechanics should be tuned pretty well
now we need to update the GUI
Oct 14 2014 09:55
we only have one more class so please look at trello and complete what you can
Roy Wedge
Oct 14 2014 21:38
i added a collider to the map object to keep the dragon in view. I had to change the dragon's collider to a non-trigger type collider. Not sure if that messed up anything.
Oct 14 2014 23:19
I submitted a focus test report for a test I did with 3 people, though I'm sure more won't hurt. The general consensus is that enemies spawn too quickly.