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Repo info
    Vadim Anufriev
    Is anybody alive this? I maked vast-preroll-plugin, but I need some help anywere.
    Nicola Bernini

    Hi everybody,

    does anyone know how to copy a frame once it has been decoded ?
    I know the actual decoding is not performed by Clappr but by the Browser itself (according to what it supports) but I was looking for a Clappr Event triggered each time new decoded frame is received by the Browser so to be able to perform a copy of it (maybe inside a Canvas)

    Thank You

    Great work on ad plugin - While testing it on Android both chrome and native browser it stop with play button. When you click play - its starts playing regular stream. This breaks the experience. On iOS - player doesn't even start with plugin.
    Tom Jenkinson
    Hey @NicolaBernini we don't have an event for that, and I'm not sure how clappr might fit in with what you're trying? @vmm2013 @NicolaBernini I don't think people check here that often it might be better to open an issue on the respective repos
    Guy's im using player.seek(time) to seek the video. It works when i use player.seek(number)......But doesn't work if i pass parameter like player.seek(time).
    Please help.
    Anthony Ettinger
    Team Amp3d
    Hey folks! I sorta have a dumb question. It's probably something easy for you guys, but I just had a quick question about adaptive bitrate using clappr
    Basically, I got the player working great with my wowza stream, but adaptive bitrate doesn't seem to work the same way it does in the wowza players. Is there a document or some infomation around that can dumb it down for me?
    Is this done through plugins?
    Anthony Ettinger
    what codecs does clappr support?
    Hi everbody,
    Is it possible to configure Clappr for not injecting the <style> into the DOM ?
    hey guys im using clappr to play live streams. I'm wondering if there is a way to tell clappr to stop loading if it cant ffind the stream
    Tom Butler
    I'm also using clappr for HLS live streams, one problem I have is that pause doesn't work unless the server has been streaming the video for a few minutes. If you connect at the beginning of the stream, you can't pause. Obviously I don't expect to be able to rewind, but is there any reason that pause won't work 1 second into a live stream?
    hello people, wanted information about plugin "playbackname", who not work using link cdn do clappr
    when using o link https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/clappr/0.2.66/clappr.js Together https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/clappr.playback-name/0.0.3/playbackname.min.js, not show the player in the browser
    Thiago Pontes
    hey guys, most the clappr devs are on this slack now http://video-dev.org/
    its like a hub for video related devs and projects
    people is more active and easier to reach there
    Is the clappr supports multiply audio tracks?
    Aditya Aggarwal
    Hey. Im quite new to using Clappr. I just want to ask, does Clappr support Picture in Picture mode currently?
    For example if I wanted to add a small player overlay on top of the video playing which is controlled/ can be switched using the main player?
    Hi guys
    I am trying to use Clappr, and have the sizing of the player change in response to the page size
    anyone have any experience with using clappr on a samsung smart tv?
    HI all, I need someone familiar with clappr, I need to get some of the basics out of the way for a live streaming event i need some help with. I really like the project and would also love to contribute
    Matheus Rufca
    @mufin695 hi, i'm working with tizen and legacy samsung smartv
    quick question
    chrome on iphone isnt showing the cast button
    but on my android phone it shows up
    any ideas?
    streaming to a chromecast btw
    no sorry
    Paul Melnikov
    Anybody here?
    Hello everyone. Can i embed the player without modifying head of the html? Add script in the page itself?
    Yes, you can you will need to dynamically load javascript.
    Hi! Do you think that adding option to ClickToPausePlugin which allows stopping playback of live streams without DVR would be a good change?
    I want this behavior and I'm not sure if I should write my own version of this plugin or if I should provide PR which adds this option... which I'm not sure how to name by the way (stopNonDVR?) ;-)
    Rares Golea
    hey guys! any support for typescript?
    Alberto Iglesias
    Anyone have a sample working with Objective-C?
    Kenny Johnson
    anyone on?
    i have been using the latest version of clappr player....
    but i want to change to an older version
    do i just need the clappr.min.js file?
    or do i need the whole directory of stuff that comes with it?
    If I have the clappr.min.js file in my /js directory will this work? <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/clappr.min.js"></script>
    Or do I need the whole source folder in my /js directory?