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Repo info
    Claudéric Demers
    There are too many different ways people might want to implement this, so I don't think it should live in the library
    I'll try to put an example together over the weekend, but I'm really swamped lately
    Appreciate that, an example would be really helpful if possible :smile:

    Btw, since I have you here.. can I ask you something off-topic? My favorite ticket in sortable-hoc: clauderic/react-sortable-hoc#134

    I am working with the other person interested in this issue, but any pointers would be super helpful!

    Especially, around how best to understand your collision_detection branch - what it was intending to do, what it does so far, and what were you planning to do next in it?
    Claudéric Demers
    Currently, sorting happens just based on the width/height of the other SortableElements and the current position of the mouse. This isn't ideal for things like sorting between groups. The collision detection branch was meant to detect collisions with elements and determine if they are containers, groups, elements, etc.
    Having said that, I have zero free time to work on this at the moment, and don't foresee working on it for another couple of months, so this would need to be a community-driven effort.
    Cool, we have a little PR coming up hopefully soon which allows for some flexibility in the current model. Will ping you when its ready to view - thank you!
    Rishabh Gupta
    Hi, I am trying to implement multiple date selection on mobile web, but on ios the calendar requires 2 taps to select a date
    is there any fix for that?
    Rishabh Gupta
    the issue is because of ios showing hover state on first tap and doing the actual click on the second tap
    Ricardo Montoya
    @clauderic is react-native version something you’re working on or it was just a quick experiment? I tried it out but I’m getting a renderItem is not a function error message.
    Rishabh Gupta
    Hi, I am trying to implement multiple date selection on mobile web (https://kinduce.herokuapp.com/createChallenge/selectDates), but on ios the calendar requires 2 taps to select a date, instead of 1. On the first tap it shows the hover behaviour and on the second tap it is actually selecting the date. But the multiple date select example (http://clauderic.github.io/react-infinite-calendar/#/enhance-default-functionality/multiple-date-selection?_k=34krx0) is working fine on ios and selecting the date on one tap. can anyone help me with this issue?
    Evan Gillogley
    I'm getting the same issue as Rishabh Gupta. I need to tap twice to select, single taps are not working and I've spent hours debugging this. Tried both latest and 2.2.0 same issue. Maybe it has something to do with Safari's issues? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Events/click#Safari_Mobile - This is a critical issue.
    Evan Gillogley
    unfortunately I can't find anything wrong in the html or css - https://github.com/clauderic/react-infinite-calendar/blob/master/src/Day/index.js - any ideas @clauderic ?
    Rishabh Gupta
    @evanjmg_twitter this is not just safari issue, it happens on chrome also in ios
    Evan Gillogley
    so fastclick solved it for you @rishabhliftoff ?
    Evan Gillogley
    added this https://github.com/JakeSidSmith/react-fastclick - solves the issue - maybe make a note in the Readme about this bug @clauderic ?
    Rishabh Gupta
    Thank you @evanjmg_twitter for the fix
    Rob Keim

    Hello, I'm learning React and this looks like a neat calendar implementation. I wanted to checkout the source, build, and play around with it, but I'm running into an error. Any thoughts?

    Here's the output I'm receiving from npm start after having previous run npm install which completed successfully.

    Failed to compile with 1 error.
     ERROR  in   TypeError: Cannot read property 'request' of undefined
      - ExternalModuleFactoryPlugin.js:37 handleExternals
      - ExternalModuleFactoryPlugin.js:46 next
      - ExternalModuleFactoryPlugin.js:59 handleExternals
      - ExternalModuleFactoryPlugin.js:79 ExternalModuleFactoryPlugin.<anonymous>
      - NormalModuleFactory.js:233
      - Tapable.js:196 NormalModuleFactory.applyPluginsAsyncWaterfall
      - NormalModuleFactory.js:217 NormalModuleFactory.create
      - Compilation.js:377 Compilation._addModuleChain
      - Compilation.js:455 Compilation.addEntry
      - SingleEntryPlugin.js:22 SingleEntryPlugin.<anonymous>
      - Tapable.js:229 Compiler.applyPluginsParallel
      - Compiler.js:469
      - Tapable.js:131 Compiler.applyPluginsAsyncSeries
      - Compiler.js:462 Compiler.compile
      - Compiler.js:266 Compiler.runAsChild
      - compiler.js:70
      - debuggability.js:300 Promise._execute
      - promise.js:483 Promise._resolveFromExecutor
      - promise.js:79 new Promise
      - compiler.js:69 Object.compileTemplate
      - index.js:47 Compiler.<anonymous>
      - Tapable.js:229 Compiler.applyPluginsParallel

    I saw on GitHub there's an clauderic/react-infinite-calendar#111 preventing installation working on forked repos, so I cloned the original but still ran into the same problem.

    Rob Keim
    I also can't seem to get the jsfiddle up and running:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'default' of undefined
        at eval (eval at transform.run (VM1423 browser.js:5811), <anonymous>:4:47)
        at Function.transform.run (VM1423 browser.js:5811)
        at exec (VM1423 browser.js:5866)
        at runScripts (VM1423 browser.js:5903)
    Michaël De Boey
    @clauderic Do you have any news on #111 & #115? 🙂
    E Hoops
    Hi All, this calendar looks great and I would like to use the multiple dates functionality in this example. The original calendar works, but when I add the source code for multiple day selection to my component I get an error withMultipleDates is not defined. I see that the feature is marked as Beta, is it possible to use it now?
    E Hoops
    Never mind, it is working now. Just needed to add the additional imports as in this example. Thanks for making this!
    Wilson Pika Choo
    is decorating individual days supported?
    Pete McGrath
    I would like to scroll the selected day to the top end of the visible calendar pane onSelect. I want to overlay a panel on the bottom half of the screen which will display options for the selected date. If the selected date is at the bottom end of the visible calendar pane, the overlay will obscure the selection. I see there is a scrollToDate function used on the 'Today' helper and also in the header, is there a way to utilize this function on a day selection?

    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to install via npm my fork of this repo but my project complains that the module could not be found when running my react app. Npm found and successfully installed my unchanged fork but when attempting to run my react app that works with with the original repo, it errors with
    Module not found: Can't resolve 'react-infinite-calendar

    Uninstalling my fork and re-installing the original works like a charm once again even though the two are identical.

    Any ideas?

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, it is how to select specific dates, it's like feature Disable Specific Dates but I want to click to specific date?
    Marcius Oliveira
    Hey guys can you help me out to find a way to put a range select dataw
    Marcius Oliveira
    Guys I found on github exemples page, sorry If I ask even before look that.
    Milan van der Meer
    Did someone have a go at clauderic/react-infinite-calendar#6
    Im looking into it to because https://github.com/intljusticemission/react-big-calendar is not the style im looking for.
    Alessandro Annini

    Hi, could be possible to use this to select the year and the month only?
    Sometimes it would be very useful for accountancy.

    I imagine it like just like the Select year first demo but when i select the month wouldn't get the day selection screen but it closes and gives me the date with the first day of the selected month.

    Kristi Buda
    Hello everyone !
    can somebody help me pls? I would like to write a calendar app with vue js but I dont know what should I use for the backend
    Eduardo Henrique de Oliveira
    hello! Any chance to make the module available with yarn? Just wanted to give it a try in my project but we use yarn here. thanks.
    Hi, is it possible to get current showing month?
    Hi there. First of all, great job. I tried to use many datepicker 's, yours looks great.
    Chris Mellor
    Anyone here? Anyone know how to get multiple dates selected? Using the example from the examples folder and the component prop is not recoginzed
    Hello, We have recently migrated to react-transition-group v2 and facing issue using the react-infinite-calendar as there is no support for v2. Is there any alternative to fix this?
    Kieran Huggins
    @clauderic any plans to merge clauderic/react-infinite-calendar#197 ?
    Clement Fradet Normand
    @guys have you any news from clauderic for this lib ?
    Hello Guys
    I want to start with new row of each month
    How can I do with this calendar control?
    Hi guys
    I want to thank you for the wonderful calendar

    my problem is this

    <InfiniteCalendar onSelect={function(date) { alert('You selected: ' + format(date, 'ddd, MMM Do YYYY')) } />

    I want to show another message if I remove selection with date.
    Please help
    Thx! And thanks fo great job. I used another calendars, and I can say with confidence that your best!