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Repo info
    How would I approach this?
    Ferhat Beyaz
    Hi, is it possible to use react-sortable-hoc when having async calls in SortableItems?
    for me it does not work (it is not sortable anymore), but i dont know how i can force sorting on SortableItem level
    James Brown
    Hi, has anyone had any luck using this with a dropdown list? I've tried using Reactstrap DropdownMenu but it doesn't seem to do anything, although all components are displayed.
    I am looking at a bunch of react drag and drop options and this one seems to be quite amazing. I have a question though, can the list item be complex - ie hold text, svg and a link?
    Philip Thongkhamchanh


    @morsmodr Yes - Here is an example of react-sortable-hoc on one of my components.

    Hello :) I just discovered this dragndrop package and i love it. But i have a problem which i am not sure how to fix. I am using it to drag and rearrange a material ui table with rows of data using the draghandle version. But the instant that i click the draghandle icon, all css for that row reverts back to material ui css until i release and i am not sure how to fix it. im quite new to all this
    any hints or suggestions ?
    Hi, i'm trying to make a SortableElement within other a list of sortableElement
    is it possible?
    i want to make something like that but it doesn't work as I hope
    Hello people
    im looking for a code example
    I know that React Sortable HOC supports keyboard sorting out of the box,does anybody tried a custom implementation for different key combination ?
    Trac Nguyen
    I'm trying to change the axis property to 'x' or 'xy' but nothing changes and it retains the default. Has anyone else come across this problem?
    Amelia Kaufman
    Anyone have a good solution for deleting an item? It seems like the HOC is detecting the click as a drag and not a click on an X we placed that triggers a call to a deletion method. @dcavalcante can u share ur solution?
    Amelia Kaufman
    For anyone that comes later, cant use <button><svg></button> it has be to be <button>text</button>
    So if my wrapped component had an onDrop event attached to it (or others) is there any way to access that or keep it active. I want certain actions to take place when dropped on particular elements.. but it seems the event on the wrapped element takes precedence
    @akaufman3 - you should be able to use the press delay parameter so that you can click on an item in order to trigger an event... the sort wont kick in until after that.
    Yaver Mammadov
    Hi everyone, i can't insall react-sortable-hoc from npm
    have any problems in packets ?
    hey guys,how to drag and drop between multiple lists, drag and drop elements from one container into another.
    hey, guys, how can I trigger update of SortableList? Looks like updateBeforeSortStart is the only way but as the name says, it happens when you try to sort again so any new elements are not visible
    *meant to say SortableContainer
    Wyatt Arent
    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks to the maintainers for your work on this package
    react-dnd and react-beautiful-dnd was a garden path that turned into a living hell and ended up not even having the features I needed
    This was a million times easier to setup and had everything needed
    Eduardo Plaza
    Hello. I am having trouble when trying to persist my sortable list in Firestore. Any suggestions?. I am using hooks, and a snapshot listener to handle DB / state updates
    On sorting I need to show placeholder
    can any one help me with that?
    Jignesh Bhavani
    Does anyone have implemented react-sortable-hoc in Wordpress Gutenberg? I have small query i want to ask thanks in advance
    Input field in SortableElement loses focus on typing
    please help if anyone encountered this issue before
    If you have input field in Sortable Element, on each letter you type it loses the focus while writing
    basically rendering on each letter
    hello guys, can you please help how to implement sortable grid? i guess, it is possible (as per example:
    http://clauderic.github.io/react-sortable-hoc/#/basic-configuration/grid?_k=12tkb9 ), but no github source available. may some examples you have?
    looks like i'm not the very first here with this question)))
    hello everyone, is anybody have work around for this : clauderic/react-sortable-hoc#9 ?
    hello guys, trying to make sortable works with Material UI GridList (SortableContainer) / GridListTile (SortableElement) , for some reasons, i cannot change the number of columns with cols=X parameter for the given GridList (only 2 columns grid not less, not more).
    my question - does the react-sortable applies any additional hidden styles to the sortable container / element?
    Brian Feeley
    Any thoughts on how to keep a Google Map in your Sortable List from reloading every time you drag and drop it?
    Eshu Goel
    I am facing some issue while selecting a value at the first dropdown and then trying to drag it and drop at 3rd position then the dropped element is not persisting the value. please check https://codesandbox.io/s/sharp-dewdney-o6wv5
    Kaleem Elahi
    Hey @dbhalalahutwork , Did you find any any solution ?
    Kaleem Elahi
    Hey Everyone
    On sorting I need to show placeholder on Drop target
    Any thoughts on it guys ?
    when m dragging my last element to first element its not scroll automatically ?