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Repo info
    hey there...it's my first time using higher order functions...how does this work?
    are there any simple examples out there, i'm having a difficult time finding resources outside of the github docs, which i don't full understand yet.
    as in practical examples :)
    I was looking for a way to implement the sortability to a backend with express/mongodb. I want to update the database with the sorting from the react side. Any suggestions or documentation links would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    Daniel Byun
    How can I sort array of objects with this library?
    hm.. seems like every only asks, no one really responds..
    nvm got it
    hey there, has anyone tried to use react-sortable-hoc and mobx?
    Hi, I'm using react-sortable-hoc but have problems with Firefox. This seems to be fixed with clauderic/react-sortable-hoc#691. Does anybody know if this project is still alive and is already a release in the pipeline?
    Pedro Brighenti
    Hello everyone. I'm having an issue while dragging my elements when they're in a flex container with flex-direction: reverse-row. @Notinkham mentioned this issue here back in 2017. Is there a known fix for this use case?
    Greg Melillo
    If anyone has struggled with removing/deleting items as I have, you have to use spread syntax to create a new array in memory. If you simply remove an item from the array, React won't re-render the component because nothing has changed from its perspective.
    e.g.: const onRemove = (index) => {
    let temp = images
    temp.splice(index, 1)

    hi, i just take the simplest example that exists , and add a <div> tag that wrap the sortableitem element.. the problem is now the sort works just after spesific height and not correctly :
    const SortableList = SortableContainer(({ items }) => {
    return (
    {items.map((value, index) => (
    <SortableItem key={`item-${index}`} index={index} value={value} />

    anyone know how I can set in one row my wanted sortable element + another element ?

    @clauderic ?
    Emily xie
    When I drag the items, sometimes Items being set to visibility: hidden, opacity: 0. Does someone know why? I have set index={index}
    Nachiket Trivedi
    Hi all, so I've been using this component for a while now and need one small urgent fix. I have a long list of cards stacked vertically which are draggable. Now I want to autoscroll up/down when I drag the card to the edge of my div. I'd be highly grateful if someone can help me with this. Thanks!
    David Casillas Rivero
    I have just upgraded to React 16.13.0 => 16.13.1, MobX 5.15.4 => 5.15.6. Using react-sortable-hoc 1.11.0 I start getting a Cannot call a class as a function error. If I just remove the mobx.observer() method enclosing the sortableHandle and sortableElement elements the error disappears. I could not see anything in the Issues page of none of this libraries. Is there any hint on where this error may come?
    David Casillas Rivero
    I found the source of the issue (not the real reason). It was changing from mobx-react to mobx-react-lite library. So nothing related to react-sortable-hoc. Probably the issue happens because sortableHandle and sortableElement are implemented as class components, something mobx-react-lite does not support.
    Hi, React beginner here. When using React-Select and react-sortable-hoc, can I suppress maximum number of selected values displayed? Can I totally disable display of values?
    Katherine Wyman
    hello! s anyone else getting Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined? I've tried the solutions found on the github issues page for the package but none of the solutions that appear to have worked for others are working for me.
    @clauderic hi, how are you?
    can I ask something about these fuctionality of react-sortable-hoc?
    Hi @clauderic, thanks
    Hi all, the react-sortable-hoc example helped me with implementing a sortable list on my project. Was wondering if anyone here is able to give me some help\pointers on how to implement the ability to drag and drop multiple items? I am using react ^15.4.2.
    I am not able to drag and drop all items. I have almost 300 items and am able to drag and drop only 1st 25 items, anyone ?
    Hi everyone. I'm amazed by the beautiful showcase at https://clauderic.github.io/react-sortable-hoc/. How is this built? Some examples have references to their source-code, but more advanced examples don't. Which GUI framework is behind this showcase, and are the sources available?
    Saia Fonua
    @BaghelAnjali you still need help, or you good? it's only been a few months since you last posted haha
    Ankur sharma
    can someone help me out.
    i have this icon, when i click the edit icon, the entire component rerenders
    why is this happening?
    Hey all. I'm having some trouble with react-sortable-hoc in some conditions. I'm using it with semantic-ui-react (2.0.2) and react 16.13.1. In short, some styles for the helper class (border and text color) aren't getting rendered, even though they're shown as applied in the chrome dev tools style inspector. Other helper class styles are being applied properly. I've got details in a stackoverflow post here if anyone has time to look: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65745227/css-styles-are-not-getting-applied-in-modal-dialog-how-can-i-fix
    Tim Douglas
    Has anyone implemented react-sortable-hoc in a Storybook setup?

    Hi all.

    I'm using the react-sortable-hoc library for the sole purpose of drag n' drop.
    However, the list items are being recreated/rerendered many times without doing drag n' drop.
    I don't need sorting or anything,
    and I'm fine with the items to be re-rendered when the user does drag n' drop.
    But only then.

    Does anyone has an idea how to help me?
    I'm desparate already. Thanks in advance!!!

    Jun Du
    Hi all,
    Does anyone know if react-sortable-hoc support selecting multiple items and drag them at the same time?
    Can someone suggest how to convert
    to a horizontal direction.
    the props supported does not seem to work. or something i am missing
    Hello everyone, I want to ask a question, can drag apply to the whole row? now I can realize drag to sort on a column in a row, I want to drag the whole row not just a column in a row
    Hi guys, I'd like to use a react-sortable-hoc in this project I'm doing, can anybody link me a CodeSandbox example of how to integrate it with material-ui's table? I have an example for sorting the table headers but I'd like to sort the rows.
    Also can I use react-sortable-hoc with Nextjs?
    Md.Enamul Haq
    Hello anybody here ?
    Md.Enamul Haq
    anyone can heare me ?
    Neha Katariya
    HEllo , Can anyone help me, i need to use react-virtualized with react-sortable hoc, how to do, any sample code
    Hello everyone! I'm using react-sortable-hoc and antd Table to make an editable cell table. I've achived the drag function now but the dragging row is non-style. I set some styles including z-index in the helperClass but it don't work. Please someone help me ~
    can update peerDep support react 18?
    Hello, everyone. Does react-sortable-hoc support table merging, cell dragging and sorting? I didn't find a solution.
    Does anyone has an idea how to help me? I'm desparate already. Thanks in advance