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Jan 2015
Jan 17 2015 16:33 UTC
есть тут кто?
need help
инанен батаге
Jan 17 2015 16:51 UTC
how in dropDownListGroup add empty value????
Saphronov Mark
Jan 17 2015 19:14 UTC
@turikus In the call to TbActiveForm.dropDownListGroup($model, $attribute, $options), the $options argument is the array of different options. $options['widgetOptions']['htmlOptions'] is what will be passed to the underlying CHtml::dropDownList($name, $select, $data, $htmlOptions) as the $htmlOptions argument. So, try the following:
$form->dropDownListGroup($model, $attribute, ['widgetOptions' => ['htmlOptions' => ['empty' => '-']]]);
Overall, the current state of the YiiBooster is that your best bet is to read the source code in case you want to know what argument where to pass. :( We're sorry, no hands to maintain this further.
Jan 17 2015 21:02 UTC
@hijarian рахмят )