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Feb 2016
Feb 11 2016 17:04


I understand that you are working with a IcoBoard
using a Raspberry Pi.

I have been trying to learn fpga with the help of Chris Felton
& Dave Vandenbout.

Feb 11 2016 17:15

I recently updated you tools icestorm b49d2d3e78cd6, arachne_pnr
1a4fdf96a7fd, yosys 840a6dc8932211 and iverilog 1ea8a13bf877e6e.

I have used your tools to sucessfully program the CAT-Board &
led digit array that I got from Dave.

I made a time laspe video that I have at the following link.
This was 3 hours which you can see in 43 sec.

Feb 11 2016 17:41

I am using Chris Felton rhea and Jan's MyHDL.

My application is the dwt of jpeg-2000.

I programmmed the ICE40-HX8K with catboard.bin obtained
after running the "python --build"

I see the led blink at 1 per sec.
When you send 02de 0000 2000 ca04 0000 ff00
over the serial port at 115200 you should see
all the leds turn on.

Using the catboard.v & catboard.pcf and the Lattice
iCEcube2 which provides catboard_bitmap.bin all works as

Feb 11 2016 22:05
I can provide additional information build logs and timing information with you icetime.