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    Lee Hinman
    Welcome anyone that joins this, feel free to leave any comments, questions, or feedback!
    Hello Dakrone, I made a PR to add support for trust-managers and key-managers on the clj-http client. There are plenty of details on why I wanted to add support for this in the PR, but the main reason is clj-http doesn't support Public Key Pinning in its current state. Public Key Pinning is only possible through a TrustManager object. I added KeyManager support as well. I hope this is in line with the goals of the clj-http project and please let me know if there's anything I can do to help the review process.
    looks like seqable? is only available in 1.9. Will have to figure out an alternative.
    Johannes Barre

    @dakrone Hi! I have a problem with server. It seems like it sets a invalid expires date for cookies. But I don't care about cookies at all, so I'd like to disable them. I've tried to set cookie-policy :stardard, :decode-cookies false like this:

    (http/get "https://weird-server.com/xxx"
              {:headers {"Authorization" (str "Bearer " (oauth/access-token customer)) "Accept" "application/json"} 
               :cookie-policy :standard
               :decode-cookies false})

    But I still get this error:

    Jan 24, 2019 8:59:54 AM org.apache.http.client.protocol.ResponseProcessCookies processCookies
    WARNING: Invalid cookie header: "Set-Cookie: AWSALB=yeI6afsm20DftEpS4SpcSkbb/smrOHRsAmGFjGpV5mfe3twWeJ/nql+L/Nsyh56reO8CmoHn4U/AaujB2hKlNdvaU6yU2oT9aWSsxYHzVC1CyVrulaRUNvJsXmjx; Expires=Thu". Invalid 'expires' attribute: Thu
    Johannes Barre
    Never mind, I just missed one request! All good
    Jacob Emcken
    I'm trying to replicate behavior from curl specifically: curl -G 'http://localhost:8086/query?db=mydb' --data-urlencode 'q=SHOW DATABASES' (needed for interfacing with InfluxDB - a time series database)
    Using Ncat (nc) I can see the output of curl where the body gets encoded.
    ups locally I've been using XPOST instead of G :open_mouth: :blush: ... need to check again
    Jacob Emcken
    I'm still wondering why curl encodes the space as %20 while clj-http encodes it with a +...is this important?
    I'm afraid that my lack of understanding might trip me later down the road as the requirements to the application expands
    Hi, is there any way to set local address which HTTP requests will use? Something like: (http/get URL {:local-address "IPv4"})?