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Petra Jaros
Is there more to this that I'm forgetting I did yesterday to make it work? :)
Oh, I did upgrade ClojureScript; could it care about that for some reason?
Petra Jaros
Oh, drat, I see the problem. I made it buffer-local, and the global value is still the default rhino one.
Is it a bug that Cider doesn't respect the buffer-local value?
Why not clojure has raw string? such as """ in pthon.
James Elliott
It doesn’t need them, ordinary Clojure strings can already include newlines.
hello, what is the correct way to add java sources/doc to a lein dependency vector so that cider-javadoc knows about them ? (... :classifier "sources" results in error: duplicate class)
Nicolas Almy
Hi i'm trying to get ac-cider running but it doesn't work.
Nicolas Almy
this is my init.el https://pastebin.com/gqvwAmhB
i added ac-cider but somehow I doesn't work when i'm editing clojure files
Hi I've got a problem with cider--format-reindent: Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil. Does anyone experienced it before?
@jr0cket I improved the comment function(s):
(defun clojure-toggle-reader-comment-fst-sexp-on-line ()
  (let* ((point-pos1 (point)))
    (evil-insert-line 0)
    (let* ((point-pos2 (point))
           (cmtstr "#_")
           (cmtstr-len (length cmtstr))
           (line-start (buffer-substring-no-properties
                        point-pos2 (+ point-pos2 cmtstr-len))))
      (if (string= cmtstr line-start)
            (delete-char cmtstr-len)
            (goto-char point-pos1)
            (left-char cmtstr-len))
          (insert cmtstr)
          (goto-char point-pos1)
          (right-char cmtstr-len))))))
;; Bound to "s-\" (s is the windows super-key)

(defun clojure-toggle-reader-comment-current-sexp ()
;; Bound to "C-s-\" (s is the windows super-key)
@jr0cket ... improved and renamed.
@jr0cket Oh yea. Giving good names is hard.
John Practicalli
Thanknyou @Bost your code is much appreciated
Regarding cask task of clojure-mode. Does anyone know what this means / how to fix it?
$ make test
make: *** No rule to make target '/home/bost/dev/clojure-mode/.cask/25.3/elpa', needed by 'test'.  Stop.
Sean Allred
Might cask/cask#399 be related?
Hard to tell. I just installed cask. I have to have a look. Thanx for the hint anyway. I realized my $PATH needs some cleanup.
@vermiculus no I think the cask/cask#399 is unrelated to my problem.
Hi everyone. I have a clj web project (chestnut app) that I'd like to work on. When I evaluate application.clj there is a main method that starts a web server. However, once I execute the whole buffer in CIDER, there is no local server started.
(defn -main [& _]
  (let [config (config)]
    (-> config
    (println "Started chestnut-tutorial on" (str "http://localhost:" (:http-port config)))))
How is CIDER supposed to work with web servers?
To me this appears to be an important use-case that needs documentation.
My main question is why is main method not evaluated? Now, I see that the standard procedure is to call (run) from cider-repl.
Neil Okamoto
With C-c C-k that (defn -main ...) is evaluated but that’s not the same as evaluating -(main). Type (-main) at the repl and the webserver should start, is that right?
If you’re using component, however, you might want to look at this workflow instead. https://github.com/stuartsierra/component/blob/master/README.md#entry-points-for-development
Artur Malabarba
@timofeytt You can run the main function with M-x cider-run, but that's not how you usually start servers with cider.
Well, actually, it's fine if your function is asyncronous
But if your function is synchronous I think it'll lock up the repl for you
A different way to do it (which I'm pretty sure is documented) is to add cider-nrepl to your project.clj. Then you can start your server normally and connect with M-x cider-connect
The command is pretty smart and should offer tab-completion for your server
Artur Malabarba
As for your last question. Indeed, Cider doesn't take the liberty of calling functions for you after connecting. That's why there's a command for calling -main
Neil Okamoto
a few messages ago I think @Malabarba meant to say "...addtools.nrepl to your project.clj"
Artur Malabarba
Probably :-)
And I probably shouldn't give instructions off the top of my head about stuff I last worked on over a year ago 🙄
@Malabarba Yes, it makes sense that it shouldn't automatically evaluate function definitions. You have basically described: 1) start a server and inject your REPL inside it. I see that the current chestnut project supports 2) starting REPL with project context and executing (run) or (go) to launch server. How do these things automagically work? Is it documented somewhere?
I mean the function definition is evaluated, but not called as expected.
Lars Andersen
@timofeytt run and go is typically functions that are part of the 'reloaded workflow'
It goes with https://github.com/stuartsierra/component to manage starting and stopping the system/components
Anyway, you might have better luck in the #clojure channel on freenode or on slackchat, as this doesn't really have anything to do with emacs/cider
Artur Malabarba
@timofeytt I've included links to the manual in my answer to your SO question
But I think I don't understand what you're asking now.
@Malabarba I was wondering where (run) and (cljs-repl) are defined, but now that I've found it inside generated code of the project. It's simpler that I thought. Thank you.
P.S.: It's not my SO question.
Alexander Yakushev
Hey folks. CIDER used to render asynchronous errors from core.async in the nrepl-server buffer, now it doesn't. Am I missing something?
Alexander Yakushev
Sorry, my bad.
Adam Faraj
Anyone here?
li feng
@ShionAt 👍!
happy new year, everyone
Dimitri Fedorov
i'm not sure if you're aware of this, but current build is broken. my spacemacs fails to download latest release from melpa