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Rob Culliton
C-h m worked quite well here. Rock on cider :thumbsup:
Hi, M-x cider-jack-in returns "The lein executable isn’t on your ‘exec-path’". Why is that?
CIDER doesn’t resolve symbols in non-core namespace for me. I have sent the namespace to REPL. Anything else I should have done?
The problem was with Spacemacs’ latest update.
Hi im using spacemacs. Does anyone have problems with syncing project with the repl. nRepl is fine nRepl establishes a connection but "cljr cider [not connected]"?
Hello Everyone, I need bit urgent help from you all.
I want to read all function name from .clj file and make a list of it.
Sean Allred
An Elisp list?
André Peric Tavares
Is there an easy way of creating a command for making cider evaluate the bindings inside a let as global? Like, if there's (let [b1 c1] ,,,), I want to move the point to let and make it evaluate (def b1 c1), making them available in the current namespace - this will make interactive debugging easier. It's like https://github.com/vvvvalvalval/scope-capture, but more straightforward
Blake Miller

@Andre0991 that's a good idea... and thanks for pointing out scope-capture which I am going to try out for this purpose. IMHO the easiest thing to do is probably to use scope-capture (if it works) and then make some emacs automation around that. What spyscope does is provide tagged literals to make it very easy to mark a form (whereas scope-capture gives you a macro and you wrap the form). If you add a tagged literal that wraps the next form in that macro, and then make an emacs hotkey that does something like

(defun cider-scope-capture-at-point ()
      (insert "#scope/capture\n")

Then you can move your point to the start of a form and hit a hotkey bound to that fn.

Jussi Räsänen
Hi! If I install new dependencies to project.clj, how can I reload repl so it finds the new libraries?
Does anyone know a good way of using orchestra's defn-spec macro together with cider debugging tools? cider-debug-defun-at-point only works when I manually macroexpand it and extract the defn form.
James Elliott
Whoops, I finally figured out that the reason I was no longer getting good error reporting in CIDER was because it doesn’t work yet with the latest Clojure 1.10 builds, so I have rolled back to Clojure 1.9.0 until that can be fixed. But it seems like there has been a recent CIDER change too, it no longer asks me for confirmation before killing a session with C-c C-q, is that configurable somewhere?
Abelrahman essam shehab el-deen
hello everyone
James Elliott
Hello, this place seems to have gone very quiet. :)
Ben Sless
Hi all, I'm having issues with jump-to-definition for java functions. I looked over some closed issues regarding this issue and it should just work ootb, but even for internal java stuff like java.util.UUID/randomUUID it doesn't work. How do I go about figuring it out / debugging and solving it?
Tobias Heinlein
Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to clojure / clojurescript and am currently reading "Learning ClojureScript".
I tried to follow the book to get cider to work with a browser repl, but I can't get it to work. I also tried to use the leiningen figwheel and figwheel-main templates. That got me a step further, but if I use figwheel as the ClojureScript repl type it only get me a "STDIN:" prompt in the minibuffer. In there I can interact with the repl in the browser but for instance sending a sexp to the repl from a buffer in emacs (using cider-send-last-sexp-to-rpl) does not work.
If I try with the figwheel-main template the website gets opened in my browser but in the cider-repl buffer the last line is "Opening URL http://localhost:9500" and nothing happens after that. Also in my modeline in emacs it always says "cider [not connected]".
Can anybody show me the way to get a ClojureScript repl to work with cider and emacs??
bendlas Tobias Heinlein (Gitter): https://github.com/bhauman/figwheel-template might be helpful
Mark Dawson
Hi All, I'm new to cider, and I'm getting used to the debugger. One thing that would be very nice, is if I could pause the debugger at a point. Write some new code in the buffer, and evaluate that code in the current (debugger) context. The problem with this is that CIDER hijacks some keys (e.g. i, h, o, e etc) - so typing new forms/expressions isn't possible. Is there a way to pause this overlay somehow so that I can write and evaluate code in the current context?
how to just show headline until tags searched position when search using ctrl c / sparse tree?
I don't want to show headline level below tags searched.
Juraj Martinka
Just a helpful reminder that anybody in this chatroom is likely to get a much faster and better response on Clojurians slack (#cider channel)
Witoslaw Koczewski
Hi. I am using Spacemacs (develop branch). After jacking in, evaluation and completion works fine. But I am missing refactoring commands. I have activated clj-refactor in my .spacemacs. It seams there is a bug in Spacemacs develop. Any suggestions where to look for the problem?
Witoslaw Koczewski
I have discovered that clj-refactor is working. Just the integration in the spacemacs menu is broken.

Hi! I'm having a very strange issue with cider. I'm developing a docker application, and during development, I spawn a repl using leingen inside the container, map the port to the host, and connect from my emacs using cider-connect. When launching my containers normally, this works without issue. However, when I use an alternative deployment method called docker-swarm, I get a "Sync nREPL request timed out" error right after attempting a cider-connect.

On a terminal in the same machine emacs is running on, I can run LEIN_REPL_PORT=1234 lein repl :connect, and this connects to the repl inside the container just fine (assuming it's running on port 1234). This makes me thing cider may be at fault here. But I can't think of anything that may be different between a plain lein :connect and what cider does internally that would cause the second to time out.

Any ideas?

Felipe Gonçalves Marques

Hello! I'm using spacemacs and recently, I have being seen the following error:
"Error building classpath. Could not transfer artifact refactor-nrepl:refactor-nrepl:jar:2.5.0-20191224.082108-5 from/to clojars (https://repo.clojars.org/): Range Not Satisfiable (416)"

The command being runned to start the repl is:
/usr/local/bin/clojure -A:dev -Sdeps '{:deps {nrepl {:mvn/version "0.6.0"} refactor-nrepl {:mvn/version "2.5.0-SNAPSHOT"} cider/cider-nrepl {:mvn/version "0.23.0-SNAPSHOT"}}}' -m nrepl.cmdline --middleware '["refactor-nrepl.middleware/wrap-refactor", "cider.nrepl/cider-middleware"]'

Setting cider-inject-dependencies to nil solve it. But it removes the refactor capabilities.
When changing the version with universal argument, it works.

Does any one have any idea how to solve this?
Is there a way to specify the version of this packages for cider?


Hello everyone. I have a question about vector. How can I merge a vector of vectors to a vector of number ? here is the example of the vector of vectors [[1 2] [ 3 4]]
here is the example of the a vector of number [1 2 3 4] Thanks you all.
@Nirvana I am not an expert and there are probably better ways, the one I know is (into [] (flatten [[1 2][3 4]]))
William Minshew
getting this error trying to cider-jack-in from cider-scratch:
error in process sentinel: Could not start nREPL server: Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at java.io.FileInputStream/open0 (FileInputStream.java:-2).
project.clj (No such file or directory)
wasn't happening earlier today.. not sure how I messed it up :(
William Minshew
ah from the update i guess clojure-emacs/cider#2896
nihilipster Hi all!, is it me or "https://docs.cider.mx/cider/0.26/about/compatibility.html#compatibility-matrix" has not been updated or is it wrongly displayed?
Bozhidar Batsov
@matrixbot It's not you. I've fixed it on master https://docs.cider.mx/cider/about/compatibility.html#compatibility-matrix
Hi from the Matrix :D
Hi there! I am having a problem jacking in...I get a nil> repl...and I have never seen this before